Hollywood Burbank Airport Freight Shipping

Hollywood Burbank Airport Freight Shipping

Do you need to ship your product through Hollywood Burbank?

The Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) is located just 12 miles from Los Angeles. If you need air freight services to Los Angeles, Hollywood, or the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood Burbank is the most convenient airport.Here is what you need to know about Hollywood Burbank airport freight shipping from Coastal Cartage.

The Pros of Air Freight Shipping

Airport freight services allow you to ship your freight using different air carriers.

Usually, if you transport freight, you have to contact a local carrier and arrange to ship your products via air. Local carriers pick up your shipment and transport it to the airport, and then an airplane transports your shipment to its destination. At the destination, the carrier will arrange for pickup and delivery.

Airfreight carriers are different from the local carriers. The local carrier will arrange with air freight carriers to determine how your products will be shipped.

Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

Airfreight shipping offers several advantages for shipping your products.

  • Faster Delivery: In the United States, air freight shipping contributes to same-day delivery. Even if same-day delivery isn’t possible for you, you can be time-specific with your shipments.
  • Increased Security: Since airports have a higher level of security than other shipping methods, you can safely and securely transport your packages using air freight.
  • Less Risk of Damage: If you ship multiple items via air freight, all of the items go on one plane to their destination. You can be confident that your products are safer from damage with freight shipping.
  • Improved Tracking: Another advantage of air freight shipping is improved tracking. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates air freight schedules via GPS-based Monitoring Units (GMU). With GMU, you can see exactly when your shipment is scheduled to arrive at the airport.

Freight Services at Hollywood Burbank

Because of the airport’s proximity to both Hollywood and Los Angeles, BUR Airport freight services are ideal for both Los Angeles and Hollywood freight. Whether you are receiving cargo through Hollywood Burbank or shipping cargo out of the city, we can help you.

Coastal Cartage couriers can pick up your cargo and transport it to a same-day air freight carrier at Hollywood Burbank. We can also collect your packages from authorized air cargo carriers and transport them from Burbank to Hollywood and the L.A. area.

Our couriers know the Burbank area and dedicate themselves to transporting your cargo as quickly as possible. If you need important air freight delivered from Burbank Airport to Hollywood, contact Coastal Cartage.

Find Out More About Airport Freight Services at SNA

Burbank delivery services are a safe and efficient method for shipping your products. Local carriers in the area can assist you with arranging Hollywood Burbank air freight shipping services.  

If you want to learn more about airport freight services, feel free to contact us! Coastal Cartage has the exact solution you're looking for.

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