LAX Airport Freight Shipping

LAX Airport Freight Shipping

Do you need to ship your product through LAX?

The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is an enormous airport with many different services for different needs. One such purpose is airport freight services that will help with your air shipping needs. Here is what you need to know when it comes to Coastal Cartage’s airport freight services at LAX.

What Is Airport Freight Services?

Airport freight services are a way to ship your freight using different air carriers.

Usually, you will need to contact a local carrier to ship your products via air. Local carriers will pick up your shipment and tender the shipment to the airport.

An airplane will then transport your shipment to its destination. At the destination, the carrier will arrange the pickup and delivery of your shipment.

Airfreight carriers are different from the local carrier that you will contact for your shipment. The local carrier will arrange with air freight carriers to determine how your products will be shipped.

Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

Airfreight shipping has several advantages that you should consider when choosing how to ship your products.

  • Faster Delivery: In the United States, same-day delivery is possible when using air freight shipping. Even if you cannot do same-day delivery, you have the ability to be time-specific with your shipments.
  • Increased Security: Since airports have a higher level of security than other methods of shipping, you will know that your packages will be safe and secure with air freight.
  • Less Risk of Damage: Your products are usually shipped together and go on one plane to their destination. Therefore, you can be at ease knowing that there is less risk of damage while your product is shipped using air freight shipping.
  • Improved Tracking: Another advantage to using air freight shipping is improved tracking. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates air delivery schedules and flights using GPS-based Monitoring Units (GMU). With GMU, you will know exactly when your shipment is supposed to arrive at the airport.

Freight Services at LAX

At the LAX Airport, there are general notes on how some companies handle air freight.

Another trucking agent usually picks up international freight on behalf of a mutual customer. However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) must first approve the mutual customer. After approval, the carrier will tender the shipment to an airline.

The carrier will then pick up the shipment under their own account and take it to its domestic destination. In addition, some companies that handle freight services will recover and tender international shipments on behalf of the customer.  

When it comes to air freight services at LAX, most companies do not offer any private services or add-ons such as customs clearances. Trucking agents also do not cover LAX airport parking prices if you need to visit LAX.

Want to Learn More about Airport Freight Services?

Using air freight services is a great option for shipping your products. Many local carriers will help you ship your products through LAX using the services explained above.
If you would like to learn more about airport freight services, don't hesitate to contact us! Coastal Cartage has the exact solution you're looking for.

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