Ontario International Airport Freight Shipping (ONT)

Ontario International Airport Freight Shipping (ONT)

Are you shipping products through Ontario International Airport (ONT) in California?

Located in Ontario, California, in San Bernardino County, about 40 minutes from downtown Los Angeles, ONT serves more than 5 million passengers a year and can be an alternative to shipping by air through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Shipping your freight through ONT can be a less expensive alternative for international shipping. Want to know more about Coastal Cartage's airport freight services at ONT? Here is the information you need.

What Are Airport Freight Services?

Airport freight services help you ship your products using a variety of air carriers. The process starts by contacting a local carrier to ship your freight by air.

The local carrier will pick up your shipment and deliver it to the airport of your choice. The load will then travel by air to its destination, with pickup and delivery arranged by the local carrier.

Since the air carrier and delivery service at the destination are different from the local carrier, your local contact will provide the logistics support to ship your products

Air Freight Shipping Advantages

When considering how your products will be shipped, air freight shipping has several advantages.

  • Reduced Chance of Damage: Your products will likely be shipped on the same plane to their destination. That means less risk of damage since air shipping has a smoother ride for your freight.
  • Increased Security: Airports have a higher level of security than any other form of shipping, so you can be assured that your freight is secure.
  • Better Tracking: Choosing to ship by air includes better tracking since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulates delivery schedules using GPS-based Monitoring Units (GMU). Using GMUs, the exact arrival time of your shipment is tracked.

ONT Freight Services

Here are a few notes on how companies handle air freight at Ontario International Airport. Your shipment will be picked up by a trucking company and taken to ONT.

After the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approval, the carrier will deliver the shipment to an airline.

The carrier will then pick up the freight and take it to its domestic destination. Some freight-handling companies will tender international loads on behalf of customers.  

At ONT, most companies do not offer private services at customs or cover airport parking costs.

Find Out More About Airport Freight Services at ONT

Using air freight services at Ontario International Airport in San Bernardino County is an excellent option for shipping your products worldwide. A variety of local carriers will ship your freight through ONT, including these services.

Coastal Cartage has the experience and secure warehousing services to deliver even the most fragile product shipments to and from ONT. Short distances or long, we can provide the logistics support you need to connect your products with customers.  

To learn more about airport freight services at Ontario International Airport, contact us for a free quote. Coastal Cartage can be the answer to your international and domestic shipping needs.

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