John Wayne Freight Shipping (SNA)

John Wayne Freight Shipping (SNA)

Is shipping your products through John Wayne Orange County International Airport (SNA) part of your company’s logistics plans?

Located in Orange County, California, SNA is the county’s only commercial airport, making it an essential part of shipping products to and from Orange County and the surrounding region.  

John Wayne Orange County International Airport is also the second-busiest airport in the Los Angeles area, serving more than 9 million passengers each year. SNA is the closest airport to Disneyland, one of the area’s premier attractions.  If you need airport freight services at SNA, here’s the information you’re looking for.

Airport Freight Services

Airport freight services are key to moving your products in the U.S. and around the world. Multiple air freight companies, including foreign and domestic options, are available.

Airport freight services begin with your logistics manager calling a local carrier to ship your freight by air. The carrier you choose will pick up your shipment and deliver it to the airport. The freight will then travel by air to its destination, with pickup and delivery arranged by the local carrier.  

Since the air carrier and delivery service at the destination differ from the local carrier, your local shipping company will provide the logistics support to ship your products.

The Pros of Air Freight Shipping

When shipping your products to market, air freight shipping offers advantages other methods can’t match.

  • Less Chance of Damage: Often products are shipped on the same plane, reducing chances of damage. Furthermore, flying is a smoother ride for products.
  • Greater Security: Airports have more security than any form of shipping, which means your cargo will be well protected.
  • Improved Tracking: Air shipping has tracking provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which regulates delivery schedules. This means you will know the exact landing time of your products.

SNA Freight Services

Here are a few notes on how companies handle air freight at John Wayne Orange County International Airport.  

A trucking company will pick up your shipment and take it to SNA.

After the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) approves, the carrier will deliver the shipment to an airline. The carrier will then pick up the freight and take it to its destination. Some shipping companies will tender loads to destinations in other countries on behalf of customers.
At SNA, most companies don’t offer private services at customs or cover airport parking costs.

Find Out More About Airport Freight Services at SNA

Using air freight services at John Wayne Orange County International Airport is a great option for shipping your products around the world. A variety of local carriers will ship your freight through ONT, including these services.  

Coastal Cartage has the experience and secure warehousing services to deliver even the most fragile product shipments to and from SNA.  

To learn more about airport freight services at John Wayne Airport Freight Shipping, contact us for a free quote. Coastal Cartage will fulfil your shipping needs.

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